Since 1979 UCATS has been the framework for supporting the efforts of Bearcats student-athletes. As the principal fundraising arm of athletics, UCATS provides a way for individuals to help talented young people receive a quality education while ensuring UC's tradition of both academic and athletic excellence.

UCATS donors are a key part of the UC Athletics community and are essential to the success of Bearcats Athletics. Their annual contributions provide vital financial support that helps offset the educational expenses of over 530 Bearcat student-athletes, enabling them to succeed in the classroom, on the field and in the community.

The UC Department of Athletics is responsible for funding all of the scholarship needs for Bearcats student-athletes. The department's reliance on private support increases each year with the continuous rise of tuition costs and scholarship fees.

UCATS is dedicated to the continued improvement and development of the Bearcats Athletics program and the betterment of its student-athletes. Its donors are friends, alumni and advocates of the university who recognize the value of the intercollegiate athletic experience at the University of Cincinnati.